During Museumsnacht 2019 in Cologne we teamed up with cologne label Noorden for an audio-visual ambient experience at Museum Schnütgen which was build inside and around St. Cecilia's Church, one of the twelve Romanesque churches in Cologne's old city. With live performances by Ozan Tekin, Red On, Alex Ketzer as well as DJ sets by Phil Latch and Martin Schmitz.

2 cinema projectors to the right and left of the VJ desk were set up frontally to the projection area to completely map the choir.

The Museum has a large collection of medieval art. It traces back to founder and eponym Alexander Schnütgen (1843–1918), who compiled a large part of today's collection in the last third of the 19th century.

Inspired by the collection of stone, wooden, and bronze sculptures, ivory carvings, textiles, stained glass as well as book illumination, many artifacts were deconstructed and reinterpreted to become a part of the show.

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